Moss can often be a problem in Lawns at this time of year.   If it was a problem last Winter and Spring the chances are that you will have that problem this coming season. One solution is to use Sulphate of Iron to knock it back before the wet season starts. This is a very effective and inexpensive option to destroy moss before it gets a grip on your lawn.  It can be purchased in small  quantities from our store and mixed as follows:-
        *Wet Mix
         Mix 1lb of Sulphate of Iron to 5 Gallons of water and spray lawn with a sprayer.        
         This will cover approx. 100sq.yds
       *Dry Mix
         1 Part Sulphate of Iron
         4 Parts Sulphate of Ammonia
         20 Parts of Sand
         This can then be spread over your lawn by hand or alternatively with a spreader.
An Autumn lawn fertilizer such as Lawn Feed Weed and Mosskiller is also a very effective way of killing moss in your lawn while also feeding it and ensuring weeds are kept at bay. This will leave your lawn in good condition and free of moss and weeds for the coming Spring. 
Why not click the Lawnfeed image on this page to find more about the product. You can also check in store for all of the above items where we have very knowledgeable staff to advise you on how best to keep your lawn looking its best.