This is the time of year when trees are starting to shed their leaves and they begin to hibernate for the winter months.  
It’s also a time when we can begin to tidy up old bedding and trim our hedges and shrubs.  It can sometimes be a challenge to find space to dispose of these cuttings and dead leaves once you have swept them up.
One really effective solution is to invest in a Garden Compost Bin. These are a great idea for all garden debris.  Raw vegetable and fruit peels from your kitchen can also be placed in your bin.  They will decay down and and provide you with some fabulous compost in due course, and maybe just in time for your Spring garden.  
You are not only making your own Compost but in these days of rising waste costs and recycling requirements you are “killing two birds with the one stone” so to speak...                                 
So Happy Composting!!!
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