Many of you may know about or have already contributed to the Annual Team Hope Shoebox Appeal which we facilitate instore each Christmas. This appeal has grown over the past number of years to become a huge success and something which creates a great atmosphere in our shop at Christmas time.


The guys from Team Hope have now followed on from this with another great idea around providing school kids in Malawi with a school bag filled with essentials. All you need to do is send €20 and they will look after the rest. It’s a great cause and one which we at Smyths Homevalue are truly delighted to support. 


Check out the details below and you’re on your way... 





Just like a Shoebox, a Schoolbag filled with some copy books, pencils and other educational items, can give a child access to a quality education and hope for the future.


To learn more about the difference your donation of €20 for a Schoolbag will make and read about Carol Hennessey (Team Hope's Christmas Shoebox Appeal Manager) and others who've seen first hand the difference a Schoolbag can make for a child in Malawi - visit their website


To make your donation of €20 giving access to quality education and hope to a child in Malawi - just click on the image below;