Making Your Own Compost

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Why produce your own compost?

Everyone knows that prepack compost is readily available. So why bother to produce your own?


  • It’s natural and it’s free.
  • Household composting reduces the volume of waste sent to landfill.
  • Home composting is a better source of compost than natural peat based products.
  • It returns essential nutrients to the soil, helps to condition your soil, increasing water retention.
  • You control what goes into your compost mix and what doesn’t.
  • It usefully complements other soil enhancement measures and products. 


Top Tips For Great Garden Compost

Great compost depends on getting the balance right between brown and green ingredients. Try and use equal volumes of both. Red ingredients MUST NEVER be added to your composter.

  1. Place the composter in a sunny position.
  2. Start with grass cuttings or untreated weeds, to activate the composting process.
  3. Add green and brown items as they become available.
  4. Try and use an equal volume of both. If you’ve more green than brown items, consider bulking out with waste card and paper.
  5. Larger items should be cut up.
  6. Rotate your compost ingredients gently every few days.
  7. When full, do not add further items but continue to rotate the compost. 
  8. When the compost is crumbly and turned a dark brown colour, it’s ready to use.


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