I'm forever being asked in The Cookshop for easy options for decorating cakes that people have made. Sometimes it can be really mind blowing when people visit our store and see the large selection of icing tools and cutters, not to mention sugar pastes and the different types of  pastes that compliment it for different decorating jobs. 

Well let me tell you it's not that difficult and in fact it's not difficult at all.  You just need to take it one step at a time.  Today we will see how simple it is to make 'Roses' as a decoration for many many cakes which you might make for very many different occasions.   I will guide you through how to use The Easiest Ever Rose Cutters in this short video from FMM.  Just click on the link below and take a few minutes to see how easy it actually is.

I'm sure you can see what a beautiful decoration you can make simply and easily using the FMM Easiest Ever Rose Cutters. 

You will find everything you need in store or we are here to help you create cakes with that professional touch.

Stay tuned for more great tips and hints and happy decorating.