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"Your health is your wealth"


"Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" 


Yes I know we all know the sayings and what they mean and without doubt we have all tried to be healthy in our eating habits and fitness regimes at one time or another. Some of us fail miserably and we return to our old ways. 

With the advent of "Operation Transformation" on our TVs at this time of the year it can help us all into a better frame of mind and really push us into a "New Year, New You" mode for 2018.

Organisation is key to success though, and it has been proven that those who invest their time and invest in products around healthy living make for better and more successful outcomes. 

Here are some items which we have picked to help you on your journey to a new and healthy you. 


Kingavon Omelette Maker

This little gadget makes your omelette for you. Eggs are a healthy form of protein to ensure you feel fuller for longer. Add lots of vegetables like peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms which are "free calories" to your omelette for a very fulfilling meal. 

MISTO The Gourmet Oil Sprayer

Salads will feature strongly in your new regime of healthy living. But they must taste nice or you won't eat them. This little gadget allows you to spray dressing onto your salads without using large amounts. It is also excellent in lightly spraying oil onto your frying pan before cooking.



Kilner Food on the Go Jar

As mentioned previously, organisation is the name of the game. Why not make your salad the night before, layer it into this nifty jar from Kilner which is complete with a stainless steel dressing container inside the lid and your lunch is complete and fresh for the next day. The Kilner Food on the Go Jar is also ideal for fruit salads and adding some natural yogurt on top.



Zeal Compact Grater

This is a great little grater, ideal for grating cheese onto your food to add flavour. It has a nifty little cover which means you can drop into your bag and carry with you. 

Grunwerg Drink Pod

The Grunwerg Drink Pod keeps your drinks warm or cold. Bring your healthy soup with you to work to help keep you going during these cold winter months. 

Bobble Bottles

No need to keep buying water, Bobble filters water as you drink and are BPA free. They come in 550ml and 1 litre sizes so there is no excuse for being dehydrated. 



Salter Dietary Kitchen Scales

You need a scales if you intend to diet, simple as. You will be amazed at how much an item of food really weighs when you put it on your scales. The Salter dietary scales is a nice size scales to measure your food with. 

Russel Hobbs Mix & Go Cool Smoothie Maker

This little item allows you to add fruit and depending on taste some low fat yogurt to your diet. Remember variety is the spice of life so its important to keep your diet varied. This helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle too. 



If you have any questions on any of the above products be sure to drop us a mail to or call us on 0539233323. Make sure to visit our store too as we have lots to offer. So good luck with your new challenge. 


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