Snow Globe Cookie Jar 

PIC CREDIT : David Hillegas 

Step 1: Use a fine-tipped brush to paint small white dots on the outside of a glass Jar 

Step 2: Fill bottom of the jar with Snowball Cookies. Place small plastic trinkets inside for a snow globe-inspired vignette.

Step 3: Tie gift tag to jar with ribbon.

Wheelbarrow Tree Trolly

PIC CREDIT: Danielle Daly 


Put the tree in a sturdy stand as usual, then position firmly in a wheelbarrow. Instead of a tree skirt, use ornaments or other decor to disguise the stand.

Mason Jar Tree

Fill six like-sized mason jars with baubles, tinsel, greenery, or anything else you can think of. Assemble the jars in a pyramid, then wrap it with a shiny garland and top it all off with a star.


Holiday Cards Display

Use baker's twine and mini clothes pins to string up your holiday cards and turn them into festive wall decor.

Tea Light Snowman 


These  tea lights aren’t going to win any awards by tricking people into thinking they have a real flame, but they are PERFECT for these little snowman ornaments. Simple and easy to make and fun for everyone. 

Step 1: Use the black Sharpie to draw a simple face onto the tea light

Step 2: Cut a piece of red pipe cleaner to approximately 2.5″ long.

Step 3: Curve it around the tea light and then add a small line of hot glue on both ends to hold it in place then Add a generous dab of hot glue where the ears would be and add the pom poms.

Step 4: Cut out a piece of ribbon to be approximately 4.5″ long. Then cross it over itself like in the picture below and add a small dab of hot glue to hold it together and then add a small line of glue to the back of the “scarf” like in the picture above 

Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornaments 


 PIC CREDIT: Pinterest 

These colourful popsicle are absolutely amazing for decorating your Christmas Tree and what not what and can be made in any colour your heart desires. 

Step 1: You’re going to want 5 different sizes of popsicle stick pieces cut to 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, and 3″ lengths.

 Step 2: Use a utility knife to cut the popsicles Using a scrap piece of popsicle stick, maybe about 1/2″ long, add a generous glob of hot glue and sandwich a small piece of twine between the purple popsicle stick “trunk” and the small scrap. 

Step 3: Evenly space out all of your popsicle stick pieces on the purple popsicle stick then use a glue gun to attach them to the “trunk”.

Step 4: Decorate as per your wish let your creativity go wild.