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Decopage was a relatively new concept to us and until we attended a class from “The Revamp Tramp” (well worth a follow on Facebook) it was untempted waters. With the below bookshelf, the opportunity presented itself so we wanted to dive in and give it a shot. We picked up some lovely napkins in store which had a lovely emboss to add character to the piece. The first trick with decopage is to ensure you have all the liners of the napkin removed before starting. Generally all napkins are 3 ply which means you have to remove the two layers behind the layer with the detail. 


Always ensure you are applying the decoupage to a white surface to create the best effect. Apply Mod Podge to the area you wish the napkin to adhere. Don’t worry about cutting the napkin to size, this can be removed after. Line up the napkin and place it over the area you have applied the Mod Podge. Place it on top and put cling film over your fingers before smoothing out. This allows your fingers to glide seamlessly over the napkin without ripping the paper (we learned this the hard way). Smooth out and allow to dry.


Once completely dry you can begin removing the excess napkin. For this you will need a sanding block. Sand at a steep angle to the edge of where you wish the napkin to finish. The napkin will tear away creating a fine straight edge. Seal the decoupage using Mod Podge. The Mod Podge will create a lovely lustre gloss finish. It takes roughly 30 mins to dry and you will need roughly 4 coats of this to fully protect the decoupage. 



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