Cleaning and preventing mould and mildew on your walls and ceilingsIt is that time of the year where temperatures have fallen and of course we have our homes lovely and warm. But this difference in temperature causes condensation to occur, most notably in our bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. This condensation causes mould and mildew to appear on the ceilings, grout, tiles and fascia in our homes.

We always get asked the question, “how do I clean and prevent this happening?" After a lot of testing and listening to what our customers have to say, the two best products on the market we have found are the following: 

Firstly and most importantly you have to clean and kill the mould. Without any doubt one of the best products on the market for this is HG Mould Spray. Simply spray on, leave for 10 minutes and you will be able to wipe clean. Be sure to have to room well ventilated as the spray is strong. 

After cleaning and killing the mould you may then want to further prevent the mould from reoccurring . For this this we recommend Thompson's One Coat Damp Seal. Thompson’s One Coat Damp Seal permanently covers damp, water and other household stains in one coat and can be painted over after. 



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