New Soda Soft Grip "Big Peeler"

New Soda Soft Grip "Big Peeler"

  • €10,95

Product Code -PLRUICDU12

Everybody loves to cook up delicious meals but nobody likes the job of peeling, so why not make it as easy and fuss free as possible with the New Soda big peeler. This over sized peeler will make peeling anything a breeze compared to smaller peelers that take a lot longer to get the job done and don't have the strength to peel tougher things.

  • Specially designed to tackle touch to peel fruits and vegetables such as butternut squash or even pineapple but can also manage everyday usage such as potatoes, carrots and much more
  • Peel thickness can be adjusted by altering the angle of the blade while cutting
  • Soft- grip rubber handle makes for comfortable useage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 50% larger than standard peelers
  • High quality stainless steel blade
  • Built-in de-eyer

    *Always peel away from your hand*
    **Colours may vary**

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