Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 25th Sept - 1st Oct

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week



Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week begins on 25 September and runs until 1st October.

This is an annual event run by Gas Networks Ireland to promote the dangers around Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  


You may or may not be aware that Carbon Monoxide (CO) kills up to six people in Ireland every year.  It is a poisonous gas which has no smell, colour or taste.  This is why it is so extremely dangerous and difficult to detect. The fact that it can kill in less than three minutes, from first inhaling the gas, has earned it the name 'The Silent Killer'.  


Carbon Monoxide can be released by any appliance which burns any of the following:-


   * Solid Fuel

   *  Wood

   *  Gas

   *  Oil


This also includes boilers for central heating which should always be properly installed by a recognised engineer and regularly tested and serviced by a regulated service person.


You can help protect against Carbon Monoxide in the following ways:-


   * Have your fuel burning appliances serviced by a qualified engineer.

   * Install an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm in your home.

   * Ensure your home is well ventilated at all times.

   * Never run engines in enclosed or small spaces or areas.

   * Never block vents.

   * Keep chimneys clear.


If we all adhere to these simple steps it may help in the fight against this 'Silent Killer' and keep us all a little safer in our homes.  


At Smyths Arro, we stock a variety of products to keep you and your family safe in your home. The Carbon Monoxide alarm can be found here. Call in store for a look or give us a call on 053-9233323 for more information.

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